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Parking at Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam

Available Parking Options at and near Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam


The Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam hotel, located in the centre of Amsterdam, offers a parking garage in front of the hotel for our guests. A fee of €55, - will be charged for 24 hours. With a stamp from our hotel there is a discount of 15%. Please contact our reception for a hotel stamp.

Another possibility for parking your car is Hotel parking. Hotel parking is a valet service for hotel guests and business people who need to park their car in the centre of Amsterdam for a longer time. They pick up your car at the hotel, drive it to a secure parking lot and bring it back at the appointed time. For using Hotel parking, you can contact them at +31 61 884 55 46 or make a reservation for an appointment. The car will be picked up within one hour and they fill out an intake form. The car will be brought back at the appointed time and then you pay for the service. The fee for the first 24 hours parking is €30, - including pick up and return and the following 24 hours the fee is €20,-. Every extra hour after the agreed returned time will be €2, - per hour with a maximum of €20,-. If you need your car in between time, a fee of €10 will be charged. For returning the car after opening hours, €50, - will be charged.

In proximity of the hotel you will find additional parking options such as street-side parking and public parking garages, also at a fee. Please contact our friendly reception team at +31 20 62 34 255 should you have any questions about parking at the hotel.