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Lombardy comes to London!

Head Chef brings his hometown delicacies to the capital

October 2017: TOZI is bringing the Lombardy region to London with a limited-edition menu. Birthplace of Head Chef Maurilio Molteni, the selection will see his culinary inspiration and favourite hometown flavours plated up at TOZI exclusively from the 16th – 21st October, pairing four regional dishes and complementary wines alongside the new autumn seasonal a la carte cicchetti selection.    

A region just waiting to be explored, the area in Northern Italy has a rich culinary history, usually associated with historic ‘peasant dishes’; hearty food eaten by those working the land. Lombardy is known for beautiful lakes and alpine fields, bare of olive trees but perfect for grazing, and has therefore cultivated a repertoire of meat, cheese and butter-laden delicacies.

TOZI’s Lombardy Menu is made up of slow-cooked Ox tongue, picked radishes and salsa verde to start, followed by Cassoela, named after the Italian for trowel, as used by masons for whom this rich stew of pork ribs and cabbage is said to have been cooked originally, and Torta Sbrisolona for something sweet. With inspiration taken from the area’s especially large pumpkins, the menu’s signature dish of Pumpkin tortelli, crumbled amaretti, sage butter is a melt-in your-mouth experience that will leave you wishing the seasonal selection was available for much longer than just one week!

An up-and-coming wine district with vineyards spread across the region, Lombardy is adopting a reputation for exceptional wines, and therefore each dish has been matched with a complimentary glass. A fresh and fruity Franciacorta extra brut La montina (Chardonnay- Pinot Nero), (from the only region in Italy using the Méthode Champenoise to make sparkling wine), a Lugana Ca Lojera (Verdicchio) with notes of mint and melon, a soft yet characterful Groppello Del Garda and a dry yet floral Mazer Inferno (Nebbiolo Valtellina) sit perfectly alongside each dish.

Known for specialising in Venetian-style cicchetti (small sharing plates) and classic Italian cocktails, TOZI offers the perfect atmosphere to experience traditional Italian dishes and dining culture without having to leave the country. All the sharing dishes are inspired by the casual dining ethos of the Veneto region, putting emphasis on quality ingredients.  


    - 1kg Italian pumpkin, seeds and strings removed
    - 100 grams grated parmesan
    - 100 grams fresh ricotta
    - 1 egg yolk
    - Salt and pepper to taste
    - 500 grams fresh egg pasta
    - 16 sage leaves
    - 50 grams crumbled amaretti biscuits
    - 100 grams butter 


    1. To make the filling season, the pumpkin with salt and pepper and roast it in a hot oven until soft. Scoop the flesh out from the skin and place it inside a fine colander to remove moisture from the pulp.
    2. Once cold, put the pumpkin in a bowl and add the egg yolk, ricotta and parmesan and adjust the seasoning.
    3. Roll out the fresh pasta into fine sheets, and then use a spoon to add the filling, and fold the pasta sheet over and cut into square ravioli shapes
    4. Bring salted water to boil in a large pot. Add the ravioli and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
    5. While the pasta is cooking, melt the butter in a sauce pan and add the sage leaves. When it is clarified, set aside.
    6. Lift out the ravioli from the water and place on a serving plate. Sprinkle with the crumbled amaretti and a bit of grated parmesan, and finish with the melted butter and sage.