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TOZI to launch one week only Piemonte-inspired menu

Limited-edition menu

Park Plaza London Waterloo

From the 3rd - 9th April, London's specialty cicchetti restaurant and bar TOZI will feature a limited-edition menu inspired by the culinary delights of Italy's Piedmont region.

Located in the north west of Italy, Piemonte is where the global slow-food movement began and is known for the quality of its primary ingredients. Beef from Fassona cattle braised in local wine such as Barolo or served as a carpaccio, perfectly cooked agnolotti pasta and truffle-based dishes are among the region's most famous delicacies.

In celebration of this cuisine, TOZI's head chef Maurilio Molteni has created four delicious dishes showcasing the very best of Piedmont's culinary offering. Using local Piemontese ingredients, sourced from small, artisan producers and matched with regional wines, each dish on the menu is a taste of Piemonte.

Maurilio has also matched each plate with its perfect wine pairing.

TOZI's Piemonte-themed menu:

    - Carpaccio di Fassona,pickled mushrooms and parmesan £ 9.50

      Wine pairing: Gavi di Gavi, Ernesto Picollo £8.50 (125 ml)


    - Agnolotti del Plin,black truffle £ 10.50

      Wine pairing: Nebbiolo d'Alba, Elio Sandri - £10.00 (125ml)


    - Brasato al Barolo,mash potato £ 11

      Wine pairing: Barolo Di Serralunga d'Alba, Fontanafredda - £12.00 (125ml)


    - Chocolate & Amaretto bonet £ 6.50

      Wine pairing: Chinato Borgogno- £9.00(125ml)


TOZI is located in London Victoria.

The Piedmont menu will run from Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th April 2017. If you are interested in an advanced review opportunity, please do get in touch

For further information or to make a booking, please visit www.tozirestaurant.co.uk