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Park Plaza Gift Card

The Radisson Hotel Group Gift Card terms and conditions

The Radisson Hotel Group Gift Card
Radisson Hotel Group Gift Card ("Gift Card") is issued by the Danish limited liability company Radisson Loyalty Management A/S, having its registered offices at Amager Strandvej 60-64, 3rd floor, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. The Gift Card is a closed-loop prepaid card, constituting a payment tool for use at Radisson hotels across all brands in the following countries ("Selected Country"):

Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Libya, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates.

Radisson Hotel Group hotels are defined as the hotels operated under Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts, art'otels, Radisson Collection, Radisson Blu, Radisson RED, Park Inn by Radisson as well as various restaurants such as Chino Latino Restaurant & Bar and TOZI and wellness facilities.

The Gift Card is designed and available for individual customers and corporate customers, either as physical or e-gift card. Purchase of the Gift Card can be made at the participating hotels, online, via phone call to the Radisson Gift Card Support Centre (Tel: +353 1 2159051 - network's international call rate to the Republic of Ireland applies, charges for calls from mobile phones may vary) and in case of purchase by a corporate customer via the Global Sales Offices. As a corporate customer qualifies any person or legal entity who buys a minimum of twenty-five (25) Gift Cards at a time.
In case a Gift Card is purchased online, the purchaser can personalise the Gift Card by uploading an image that will be printed on the front of the Gift Card. 
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All purchases of the Gift Card are made directly from the issuer, Radisson Loyalty Management A/S. Individual customers may pay only via credit card, corporate customers may either pay per credit card or upon invoice.

Online Purchases of individual customers may be cancelled by written notice to the Radisson Gift Card Support Centre, European Reservation Centre 5th Floor - Block 6, Belfield Office Park, Clonskeagh, 4 Dublin, Republic of Ireland within fourteen (14) calendar days from the purchase date, subject to the Gift Card not being used for any payment.

When the Gift Card is bought online or per phone (Gift Card Support Centre), or bought by corporate customers, only fixed denomination values are available in EUR and GBP (
EUR 20-50-75-100-150 /GBP 20-50-75-100). In case the Radisson Gift Card is purchased at the hotel, the customer has the choice of determining the amount of the denomination value, starting from EUR 20.00 /GBP 20.00, but not to exceed EUR 150.00/GBP 100.00.

The purchase price of a Gift Card corresponds to the denomination value of the Gift Card plus any handling fee and delivery charges, if applicable.
Upon purchase of the Gift Card at a hotel, no handling or delivery charges apply. Online purchase, purchase via phone call to the Radisson Gift Card Support Centre and via the Global Sales Offices (corporate purchase only) trigger handling and delivery charges which vary depending on the chosen shipping preference and destination of delivery. Handling and delivery charges are paid by the customer and add up to the purchase price. The applicable charges will be calculated and disclosed prior to completion of the purchase process.

Subject to ordering before 2pm GMT, the physical Gift Card will be dispatched the same day (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). The e-gift card is available within one (1) day and will be sent to the beneficiary by e-mail. The purchaser of a Gift Card is solely responsible for submitting the correct delivery address. Radisson Hotel Group is not liable for any late delivery or non-delivery caused by wrong delivery information, or any other reason which is not within Radisson Hotel Group's control.

Subject to receipt of payment, the Gift Card is automatically activated within one day from the shipping date, or in case of corporate customer's purchase within one day from confirmation of receipt of the Gift Cards. In case of a purchase at any participating hotel or purchase of an e-gift card, the Gift Card is activated immediately. Upon activation the Gift Card is identified as e-money in circulation by an online data system. The Gift Card is not reloadable. The PIN code allocated to the Gift Card does not link to the Gift Card's activation, but serves solely for security upon redemption, for balance checking and loss prevention per registration (see below).

The Gift Card can be used for payment of hotel services and consumption at a Radisson Hotel Group hotel in a Selected Country, i.e. guest room accommodation, restaurant & bar consumption, use of spa facilities. Its value cannot be exchanged against cash money nor can the Gift Card be used to prepay online reservations of hotel rooms or services. The value of the Gift Card may be used totally or partially at any transaction, but shall be used up prior to the expiry date.

From the date of its activation the Gift Card shall be valid for a term of twenty four (24) months. Should the holder of the Gift Card not have used up the total denomination value at the time of expiry, Radisson Hotel Group will reimburse upon written request the amount equivalent to the remaining denomination value, subject to a handling fee of EUR 25 per Gift Card, respectively per gift card number in an e-gift card. Any request for reimbursement shall be addressed in writing by submitting the form signed by the applicant to:

Radisson Hotel Group Gift Card Support Centre,
European Reservation Centre 5th Floor - Block 6, 
Belfield Office Park, Clonskeagh, 4 
Republic of Ireland
at the latest twelve (12) months after the expiry date. It shall contain identification of the Gift Card number and PIN code as well as the cardholder's address and banking details. Cash cannot be returned by hotels.

Each Gift Card transaction will be debited against the Gift Card balance; if the transaction exceeds the remaining balance, the user must pay the difference directly to the hotel using different means of payment. The holder of the Gift Card may check the remaining balance at any time through online access to the Gift Card tracking function (
www.giftcards.rezidor.com), which access will be provided by way of the card number and the PIN code, which is printed on the back of the physical Gift Card underneath a scratch-off layer or mentioned in the email in case an e-gift card was purchased.

The Gift Card shall at all times be kept safe and stored with equal care and attention as cash money.
To minimise the risk of damage in case of loss or theft, registration of the Gift Card can be made at 
www.giftcards.rezidor.com. The PIN number which is delivered with the Gift Card is required for registration. Once the Gift Card is registered, in case of any loss or theft the rightful holder of the Gift Card can block the Gift Card online and must contact the Gift Card Support Centre. The remaining value on the Gift Card will be transferred to a new card, which will be sent to the card holder.
In case the Gift Card is not registered, the card cannot be blocked. In case of loss or theft the card won't be replaced.

The purchase of a Gift Card is made under the laws of Denmark. The purchaser and the holder of the Gift Card shall in case of dispute about the Gift Card submit their claim to the competent courts in Copenhagen.

The Gift Card does entail registration of personal data, i.e. name and address of the beneficiary and credit card details of the purchaser. Radisson Hotel Group undertakes to ensure that all processing and storage of such personal data is done in compliance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (DAPPD). This includes in particular that Radisson Hotel Group closely surveys that any of its sub-contractors apply sufficient security measures to avoid loss, damage and fraudulent use of such personal data. The Rezidor Data Privacy Policy as set out under 
www.rezidor.com applies.

These terms and conditions shall be valid from the date of publication; they are subject to change, which change will be effective upon publication of amended terms and conditions on 
www.giftcards.rezidor.com setting out the date of the up-date.